Swoosh Electric Scooters Ltd

Yume x7


  • Motor: 8000-watt BLDC Dual Hub Motors
  • Max Speed: 72v Up to 55+MPH (depending on rider's weight, state of charge, road conditions, etc.)
  • Battery: 72V 45Ah
  • Range: 80-90Miles
  • Hill Grade: 35-60° (depending on rider's weight, hill slope and state of charge etc.)
  • Tire: 13" Widened Anti-skid Road Tires with Inner Tube
  • Brake: Hydraulic Brake+Electronic Blackout Brake
  • Suspension: Dual Font Hydraulic Suspension + Dual Rear Spring Suspension
  • Light: 4 Big U7 Front Led Lights + Brake Light + Rear Turn Signal + Horn
  • Acrylic Board: Deck Highend Colorful +Rear Acrylic Lights
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Weight: 120lbs/55KG
  • Charger: 8-10hours
  • Maximum load: 330lbs/150KG

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