Swoosh Electric Scooters Ltd

Argento SwiftyOne-E

SwiftyONE-E-foldable ‘kick-assist’ e-scooter with 16” wheels, up to 50 miles range riding kick assisted and weighing only 13.7kg

SwiftyONE MK3 is the critically acclaimed folding adult scooter designed and engineered for the urban environment. Glide over mixed terrain on 16-inch pneumatic wheels in comfort and style. Let the city unfold.

• Human-powered, fun and fast, a new way to move
• Lightweight (8.3 kg), adjustable and foldable
• Essential features: high-pressure pneumatic tyres, front and rear brakes
• Effortlessly roll it on its front wheel
• Slim profile allows for efficient storage in small spaces
• Can be carried onto public transport
• Tall option for riders up to 195 cm (6’5″)
• British Design, Handmade in Taiwan

• Comes fully assembled
• Pump required, sold separately

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