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Roooder r804o


Product Detail

Harley electric scooter Rooder r804o with off road tire 

Length : 1756mm*750mm*50mm
Tire size : 18×9.5inch
brake mode : Disc brake
Maximum climb : 18 degree
Maximum torque : 95N/M
Maximum mileage : 35-40KM
Maximum speed:50km/h
Maximum load : 200KG
Removable battery: 60V12AH lithium battery
Charging time : 6hours
Motor power : 2000W
Front shock suspension: yes
Rear shock suspension: yes
Horn: yes.
Rear turning lights: yes
Stop light: yes
LED screen display: yes
double seat: yes
phone holder with USB port: yes
rear box: yes
motorcycle voice speaker: yes
front side lights: yes
off road tire: yes
mirrors: yes
NW: 65KG GW: 70KG
Package size: 186*42*80cm

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