Techlife x8

The Techlife X8 electric scooter is modern with perfectly matched components, combined with a minimalist look. Dynamic driving - without sacrificing comfort and safety The unique X8 version comes with hydraulic brakes and a safety brake system that automatically shuts off the engines when the scooter starts to brake. During the ride, you can pay attention to the incredibly good shock absorbers, which are designed for high driving comfort even in difficult conditions. Shock absorbers, 10-inch inflatable wheels and a non-slip platform will ensure your safety and driving comfort. You will also appreciate the special, durable frame construction, which will make your scooter virtually indestructible. Folding the Techlife X8 electric scooter is a child's play. The scooter has a reinforced clamp that allows uncontrolled steering movement. The scooter is light (weighs only 29 kg) and is very comfortable (folded, it is only 128 cm long, 24 cm wide and 53 cm high) Enjoy the ride - no matter the time Innovative LED lighting adapts to the road so you can move around safely, day or night. The display shows all the most important data, such as speed, mileage and battery charge level. The screen perfectly reproduces shades of red, green and blue, thanks to which it remains readable even in adverse weather conditions. Forget about any restrictions and fully enjoy your freedom Techlife X8 is equipped with 2 powerful motors with a total maximum power of up to 3200 W. Thanks to them, you will reach speeds of up to 60 km / h - without much difficulty! The scooter is powered by a large battery (52V 18Ah), which allows you to drive up to 60 km - with one full charge.